Planning Our WedTin

Created by sisters, Nadia and Natasha Sweeting, WedTin® was born out of necessity. As the owners of Nadashi Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy firm, the sisters have produced numerous events, including weddings. As a result, the sisters developed WedTin® to alleviate the stress associated with the small details which are often overlooked during the final preparations and checklists. WedTin® was born out of a need to have an accessible source for emergency, on-hand items during events, especially weddings.

 Nadashi Marketing is a virtual marketing and strategy boutique consulting firm specializing in developing dynamic and impactful marketing strategies and business solutions for small businesses and start-up companies. We offer businesses solutions in marketing and digital consultation, strategic planning, brand management, social media strategy and event and project management.

Sisters from South Florida and proud University of Miami graduates, Nadashi Marketing  has taken on presenting particular skills and knowledge set based on over 25 combined years of Corporate America grooming, street knowledge and wicked smarts. Our goal is to educate your business to succeed and elevate it to a new level–planning to fail is not an option.