WedTin Wedding Day Emergency Kit Product Content List

WedTin Bridal Emergency Kit Includes*

Alcohol Pads /  First Aid Kit / Lotion / Baby Powder / Baby Oil
Tissue / Nail Clip & File / Lip Balm / Safety Pins / Mouthwash
Colgate Wisp / Cotton Balls / Q-Tips / Stain Remover / Callus Pad
Mints / Cough Drops / Bobbi Pins / Hair Ties / Hair Spray / Tweezers
Feminine Wipe / Antibacterial Wipe / Razor / Aspirin / Antacid
Clear Nail Polish / Tampon / Maxi Pad / Panty Liner / Lint Roller
Corsage Pins / Sewing Kit / Scissors / Earring Backs / Super Glue
Vaseline / Eye Drops / Eyeglass Wipes / Nail Polish Remover Pad
Makeup Remover Wipes / Deodorant
*Items subject to change

GroomsTin Wedding Day Emergency Kit includes*

Playing cards, aspirin, cigar, antacid, eyeglass wipes, tissue, lint roller, superglue, lotion, Tie nail file, nail clipper, first-aid kit, Q-tips, safety pins, corsage pins, wisp, handkerchief, eyeglass repair kit, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, mints, halls, powder, lip balm, hand sanitizer wipes and more…

*Items subject to change