Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Brides and Groom | WedTin Bridal Emergency Kit


WedTin® is a bridal-themed emergency kit packaged in a metal tin filled with convenient and common beauty, fashion, hygiene, and household solutions to solve common wedding day blunders and mishaps. Made to Order for your special day!

WedTin includes over 40 items such as hair ties, deodorant to stain remover and hand sanitizer. Every bride and her bridal party tries to avoid the mad scramble for those minor details she may have overlooked prior to her wedding day. No more are the        days of dumping your Maid of Honor’s designer bag or ransacking the hotel room for a safety pin or pair of scissors.

The items in the WedTin Bridal Emergency Kit have you covered!  For all you brides-to-be, WedTin is a great gift for your bridal party. For wedding coordinators, party and event planners, WedTin is a must have for your toolbox or as a gift to your client. Every bride should enjoy their very own WedTin experience.

Once your wedding day has come and gone, re-fill or re-use your WedTin to store office supplies, plant some kitchen herbs or to store some craft materials. Check out our website for more tips on how to get the most use out of your WedTin and its contents.